PDS 2022 We learned. We networked. We planned...

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…and now we’re ready to win.

The conference may be over, but the work has just begun. To help you get started, we built this handy resource page. Revisit your favorite sessions, check out the photo gallery, and book your PDS 2023 early bird ticket – all here.

Super-Conference Highlights

A small sample of memorable captured moments from this year's big event.

PDS Success

Performance. Solutions. Value

Success in 2021

"We've got a team of superstars and a great support system. Maintaining a positive environment has helped us all to run the business proactively."

Catherine & Colton Marcu
Marcum's Pharmacy

3% Increase in Gross Margin
From 0% to 40% in SyncRx Volume
Diversified services and moved to a new location

Success in 2021

"I can't sing the praises of MedSync enough. It's been the key to our success; we have to work together, or the program doesn't work."

Melissa & Glenn Leslie
Gadsen City Pharmacy

Achieved 60% SyncRx Volume in 6 Months
Reduced DIR Fees by OVER 50%
Conducting wellness screenings = Saving lives!

Success in 2021

"PDS keeps me motivated. I see what others are doing and apply what I learn. It keeps me focused on business innovation and profitability."

Kristine Isaacson
K&K Pharmacy

Mobile vaccine clinic reached over 10,000 people
Built a resilient team that continues to navigate industry changes

Success in 2021

"The PDS team taught me I had to quit being everything to everybody. I began delegating to my staff, and it was amazing to see them shine."

Jim Hrncir
Las Colinas Pharmacy

Defined and integrated core values
100% increase in supplemental sales
Dispensed over 3,000 compounds per: an 11% growth over the prior year


Thanks to you, PDS 2022 was a tremendous success.

Clarity. Control. Confidence.

We’re building a better future, and we want to see you there. Find out how we can help you plan and execute a strategy that wins.


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