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From DIR fees and clawbacks to below cost reimbursements and the ongoing struggle with PBM’s--it may seem like you’re playing a losing game in the industry.
Independent pharmacies are at a clear disadvantage in the industry; the game being played is unfair -- but you already know that. What you may not know is that PDS can show you a better way. Running a thriving independent pharmacy is within your reach, and there are proven, data-driven profit strategies ready for you to implement.

The results you want start here.

Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) is proud to announce the 13th Annual Together Towards Tomorrow All Star Super-Conference February 23-25th, 2017 in Orlando, Florida. This event is a call-to-arms for independent pharmacy owners; we will share proven pharmacy solutions to increase your profits, improve your operations while connecting you with thousands of like-minded pharmacy entrepreneurs, reputable vendors, and business experts in a forum unlike any other.

“There’s magic in the room. You can feel the energy and enthusiasm that can only come from a room full of owners who are excited to get back to their store and WIN!”
- 2016 Conference Attendee

Most importantly, we’ll show you how to make pharmacy fun again.

When you walk through the doors, you are choosing to do what it takes to win the game. Discard the old way of thinking that you have to make due with what you are given. PDS will show you the countless opportunities you have to make a substantial profit -- you’ll have a problem choosing from all the open doors!

Attending the 2017 PDS Super-Conference will allow you to:

  1. Identify what drives profits in your market and how to tap into those revenue streams.
  2. Expose threats to your business and show you how to make them irrelevant.
  3. Learn what successful pharmacy owners did in the past year to become more profitable.
  4. Experience more than networking at yet another industry event; join a united movement to transform the industry.
  5. Regain your passion for pharmacy.

Become profitable in an unfair game with a team that knows how to win!


Big Profits & ROI

Discover how many of our conference attendees have significantly increased profits in the same year and learn how they did it.


Real Pharmacies, Real Results


"[PDS Trainings] has made me a much more effective manager and has made my staff much more engaged."

Jim C.

"You will see your savings and profit on your bottom line."

- Sandra H.

"I am going back home and I am starting some of these ideas right away."

- Cliff H.