2017 PDS Super-conference

together toward tomorrow

February 23-25, 2017 orange-middot Rosen Shingle Creek orange-middot Orlando, FL


Many factors come into play as you work to keep your independent pharmacy relevant in today’s competitive landscape. The success and sustainable future of your business requires bold actions in the face of uncertain times and industry changes.

While our industry’s status quo is doubling down on the same tired solutions; the forward-thinking pharmacy entrepreneurs are spending time implementing strategies to leverage emerging trends, tools, and technologies. These innovators are setting SMART goals, and rallying  their teams to support their vision and get great results.

These shifts in the industry are not just about unknown forces, the inequities of PBM’s or retail pharmacy giants. The real story is about the entrepreneurial heart that keeps  beating in spite of these seismic shifts. It is a tale of two pharmacy owners, one on the verge of bankruptcy and one thriving. The difference is that the failing owner keeps doing things as they have always been done, but the successful owner instead embraces and adapts to change even if it feels unfamiliar.

Which pharmacy owner do you choose to be?

Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) is proud to announce our 13th annual independent pharmacy business growth Super-Conference taking place on February 23-25th, 2017 in Orlando, Florida. The Together Toward Tomorrow Super-Conference is a powerful call-to-arms for all independent pharmacy owners where we will share the latest and greatest industry developments and unveil programs and solutions to keep you ahead of your most pressing challenges. We will show you new ways to grow your business through connection and innovation and provide a forum unlike any other for you to interact with pharmacy leaders, vendors and business experts.


Attending the 2017 PDS Super-Conference will allow you to:

  • Learn where the hidden profits are and how to take advantage of untapped revenue streams
  • Expose threats to your business that are happening  right under your nose, and show you how to make them irrelevant
  • Showcase successful pharmacy owners who will tell you what they did in the past year to become more profitable
  • Experience more than networking at yet another industry event; you’ll be joining a united movement to transform the industry. You will forge lifelong business and personal relationships that will stand the test of time
  • Stop being busy and start being profitable, Join us!

What attendees are saying:


"I've been able to save over $300,000 from the tips that were given at the PDS Super-Conference."

- Sandra H.