February 25-27, 2016 orange-middot Renaissance Orlando Hotel orange-middot Orlando, FL

Let's Be Blunt 

PDS2016 Pharmacy Growth Conference

Health care is in a maelstrom of change, consolidation, retail-ization, technological revolution …and there will be winners AND THERE WILL BE LOSERS.

Here’s a promise: more change, for bad and good, will occur DIRECTLY CHALLENGING YOU, THE INDEPENDENT PHARMACY OWNER, in the next 36 months than in the previous 36 years. Are you up for it? What you knew may not matter. It’s what you know now that matters.

The PDS 2016 Together Toward Tomorrow Super-Conference on February 25-27th, 2016 in Orlando, Florida is a ruthlessly fact-based, what’s-really-working-now-based event exclusively dedicated to building strength and security in your business and for us all as a collective, today and tomorrow – in a fast-changing healthcare, retail, and e-commerce environment, where the “slow” will die fast!

Why PDS 2016?

Somewhat incredibly, we find most pharmacy owners do not even know their most important facts –facts they should know, track and use. This was never taught to them in school. Their accountants feed them “dead facts,” too late to be useful.

Some “deniers” don’t want to know their most important facts. Some resent being questioned about them. And they continue acting in opposition to and in denial of facts long, long after the facts are inarguably established and their future forecast is inevitable – and adverse.

You are a denier and rejector of facts if you:

  • Stay at and continue to pour money into a dry or drying up hole. 
  • Turn a blind eye and deaf ear to non-compliant saboteurs on staff.
  • Refuse to recognize the vital impact of “Team Culture” on the retention of customers.
  • Refuse to respond to fast developing trends or technology or threats.
  • Defy known economic mandates for success. 

The Golden Age of Opportunity is here.
Are you willing to step up and pick the fruit?

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What your peers are saying:

"This was seriously the best pharmacy experience I have had. The energy is so incredibly inspiring that you can't help but feel so ready to conquer your fears."

- S. Delisi, Ballin Pharmacy

Kevin O'Leary Invites You to The Conference

Kevin O'Leary, from ABC's Shark Tank, cordially invites you change the way you see your pharmacy store, and embrace your entrepreneurial spirit. 

Along with his wisdom, knowledge, and tactics, he will deliver a set of business skills that you never learned during pharmacy school. 

February 24-27, 2016orange-middot Renaissance Orlando Hotel orange-middot Orlando, FL