February 24-27, 2016 orange-middot Renaissance Orlando Hotel orange-middot Orlando, FL

Together Toward Tomorrow

What's All the Buzz About? 

PDS2016 Pharmacy Growth ConferencePharmacy Development Services is proud to announce the 12th annual independent pharmacy business growth conference February 24-27th, 2016 in Orlando, Florida. 

This year's theme is a powerful call-to-arms for all independent pharmacy owners: Together Toward Tomorrow and will highlight new and innovative ways to grow your business through connection. 

We want to emphasize our central belief in not only the pharmacy entrepreneur, but the collective power of thousands of pharmacy entrepreneurs -- all dedicated to take control of their industry and mold it into what they want, rather than settle for the industry given. 

We wanted to deliver this message of togetherness as a way to strengthen the bond we all share in fighting to win back against the opposition that can seem hopeless at times... until you turn around and see the entire PDS community standing strong by your side. 

You are not alone.

Together, we can make 2016 the best year of pharmacy and together, we can pave the way toward tomorrow. We're happy to have you join us in the fight to make pharmacy ours once again.

Get ready, because we're just getting started!

Why PDS2016?

  • Business is about doing what you say you're going to. At PDS, we make it our mission to deliver on the promises we make to our members and to the attendees of our annual pharmacy growth conferences. Last year, we make good on own our promise for hosting the best industry conference by offering a 10K guarantee. Not a single person asked for a refund. 

  • We are honored that some of the biggest names in our industry are willing and excited about sponsoring our conference. McKesson, Parata, Live Oak Bank - these companies would not risk their reputation by being associated with anything other than the best

  • There is nothing greater to us than hearing our members tell us that if they are going to attend just one event a year, that it's our conference. These are the best of the best in the industry and they would never miss our conference, why would you?

Get Notified!

We'll let you know the moment that tickets become available!

What attendees are saying:

"The was seriously the best pharmacy experience I have had. The energy is so incredibly inspiring that you can't help but feel so ready to conquer your fears."

- S. Delisi, Ballin Pharmacy


February 24-27, 2016orange-middot Renaissance Orlando Hotel orange-middot Orlando, FL